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I invest in people and great ideas. 𝐂𝐄𝐎: Tesla Corporation | shairbeen | Style And StreaX | Sahara Media Service

Tajamul (born on 9th of October 1994) is a technology entrepreneur since 2013. After completing his senior secondary examinations, is best known for his innovations in Internet of Things (IOT), Information Technology (IT), Digital Media, Branding, Security Researches and Analyst with experience in various aspects of Information Security.

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  • by iamtajamulkhan 1 year ago
    Until the Lion learns how to write, Every story will glorify the Hunter.
  • by iamtajamulkhan 1 year ago
    Small steps every day
  • by iamtajamulkhan 3 months ago
    Not everything, karma will do for you. Learn to insult people when they deserve it.
  • by iamtajamulkhan 10 months ago
    Be Royal. Don’t Play Their Silly Games.
  • by iamtajamulkhan 10 months ago
    Surely We have given thee abundance; so pray unto thy Lord and sacrifice. Surely he that hates thee, he is the one cut off. EiD
  • by iamtajamulkhan 8 months ago
    Never mistake my silence for weakness. No one plans their enemies defeat out loud...

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